A tribute to my kitten

My eight months old kitten’s dead body was found in front of our house this morning. The body was swollen enormously with eyes and mouth wide open, as if gasping for air. His body seemed much bigger and older than he was. I didn’t recognise him at first but his long and striped grey and black coloured fur helped me to identify him. Probably he had died yesterday or day before, and someone left the body in our house this morning. I can only assume how he must have died — either by having poison in someone’s house or from ailment or disease. He would often go away for two-three days and would return on his own. This time when I didn’t see him for two days, little did I know that I will find his dead body lying outside my house.

He was the most lively one among his three siblings. He loved cozying around on my chest every now and then. He would jump around the house and was very playful with everyone. He knew how to seek love from people. I thought he would grow up to be a friendly and playful cat. I am sure he is in a better place now receiving abundance of love and healthy food from everyone, playing along wagging his long furry tail.

I loved him dearly and he will be missed forever.

While looking at his lifeless body as my father was digging up a grave for his burial, the temporariness of life suddenly dawned on me. Just a while back, my kitten was jumping around the house, playing with us, spreading happiness and love and now he is gone forever. He is no more just in a fraction of a second.

The momentariness of life hit me so hard. I have been wasting so much of my time sitting idle, binge watching YouTube, procrastinating forever. My kitten made the best of his life. He lived his life to the fullest even though it was only for 7 to 8 months, but he imprinted his memories in our lives and hearts forever with his cheerfulness, playfulness, spirit so full of life.

I thought to myself what have I been doing with my whole life? What will I leave behind when I die? Have I achieved anything, done anything worthwhile? How will people remember me when I am gone?

We tend to overlook the temporariness of life while dealing with our daily problems and worries in life which may seem like eternal moments. My kitten’s still body stood witness to the inevitability of death and fleetingness of life.

Make your time count, make your days count, be mindful of the transitory and fleeting moments in your life.

My kitten has inspired me to be playful, cheerful and to spread happiness and positivity around and to live and enjoy my life. My kitten was very adorable and cute. I will always love him. I am thankful and grateful to him for coming to my life.

Today, after years of non-productivity, my kitten has inspired me to get out of bed, leave my phone and do blogging for the first time. I wrote three blogs in a day.

Make your moments count, be mindful and aware of the temporariness of life. Walk the extra mile, put in the extra effort, think about yourself, make your life count because it’s too precious and valuable.

I love you my baby. May you rest in eternal peace and may you get abundance of love, happiness and nutritional food wherever you are, my baby. I will always love you.




Critical thinker, pet lover and sucker for good authentic food

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Chandana Gogoi

Chandana Gogoi

Critical thinker, pet lover and sucker for good authentic food

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